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Block Reddit - Shortcuts on iOS - Integration
Block Reddit - Shortcuts on iOS - Integration
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Wanted to share my shortcuts automation for the Pavlok!

Open Reddit- get shocked!

I figured out a way to shock myself every time I open a time-sink/ time-wasting app (think TikTok or YouTube etc- or even Reddit! Anything)

I was struggling to find a way to tailor this to only trigger for a certain time of day. It’s a little complicated but I finally did it with help from people over at the shortcuts subreddit.

Here’s a link to my shortcut to get zapped if I open Reddit after 10 when I should be sleeping:

Here’s the link to one that’s set to trigger during working hours:

The shortcuts app is for iPhone users but works really well with Pavlok.

Anything you can do using shortcuts you can use your Pavlok with.

To set it up the way I have it,

Just go to the automation tab> click the plus sign> “create personal automation”> “app”> choose whatever app distracts you>add actions> then add the shortcut I just linked you to

I’m just getting started with playing around with the possibilities and I’m hoping others have too because I would love to hear about different ways to use the features together!


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