I don’t feel the snap / snap is not powerful enough! / zap not working

"When I noticed the zap weakening I tried researching if it was a problem, eventually I realized that a specific part of my body got used to the zap and when I moved it to the other arm or inside of my wrist the intensity skyrocketed! "
- DT

Ensure that the device is fairly tight on your wrist and making contact with the skin.

How to test the Zap is working?

1. Open the Pavlok App

2. Click on the Rectangular Shape with a Lightning Bolt inside it. (At the Top Right of the App)

3. You will See Quick Remote
4. Increase the strength of the snap using the slider.
5. Press the button to Zap yourself.

Jam from Pavlok Success Team Adds: Quick Remote does not affect the buttons at all. For that you have to Click on...

"Configure Device Buttons"
You can read more about that here:

You may need to adjust the intensity from time to time, depending on factors such as room humidity and changing dryness of your skin. Your skin is your body's largest organ and truly an amazing thing! It even has natural protection against electric shocks called 'breakdown resistance'.

This resistance can affect your usage of your Pavlok device, and cause it to appear that the zap feature does not work on the lower strength levels.

To resolve this, all you need to do is slowly increase the zap strength until you feel something. You can increase it by 10% until you feel the zap (50-60% is usually enough).

Once you've done this, you can lower the zap strength back to your preferred level.

It's important to note the breakdown resistance is specific to a certain point in your skin. If you move the device or wear the band loosely - you'll have to follow these steps again. To avoid that, we recommend wearing the band tightly so that the body of the device doesn't move.

Can you share some instructional videos?

Sure can:

Zap testing

I still cannot feel the Zap!

1. Do The Scissor Test:

If all else fails...

2. Go To Trouble Shooting Steps:



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