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Zaps me Randomly
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"why does it shock me without warning"
"zap no reason"
"vibration when lifting up hand"

"random zap"

"randomly zap"
"Also, I notice the Pavlok shocks me randomly at times. Is it somehow reading my pulse or something when I get angry or have some negative emotion?"

Wed. Jun. 7 2023 14:50 EST


Hi, Have you checked if the hand detect feature is on?

The hand detect feature is the reason why it zaps randomly. Hand detect allows you to set Pavlok to vibrate whenever you bring your hand to your face. This helps you stay aware -- for nail biters, hair pickers, and compulsive eaters.

Once I turn off hand detection, will it still shock me to Wake me up?

Yes, Hand Detection is useful for correcting habits like Smoking or Picking on your skin/Touching your face. It's totally separate from your Alarms.



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