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Safe to use when metal contacts are wet?
Safe to use when metal contacts are wet?
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"Question about the Pavlok 3’s waterproof status -- how is it safe to use when the metal contacts are wet? doesn’t that affect the skin’s resistance? Can someone explain this to me like I’m five.

I was wondering if I could have a bit of an explanation though? like what testing has been done. has anyone actually tested a 100% multi zap on wet skin? does the max current change? I’m not planning on intentionally zapping myself in the shower but I’d want to plan for worst case scenarios in case a smart alarm misfires, if I forget to turn off my backup alarm, if my two brain cells in the morning accidentally hit snooze instead of turning off an alarm, if I set up an automation on the shortcuts app that doesn’t work the way I expect it to, etc."



"Zap will be stronger when wet. It'll hurt more but still very safe, due to the hardware frequency protection.

However, pushing the button under water can let water droplets in via the button so you shouldn't press it in the shower.

I take baths nightly and submerge it tho and it functions fine. Zap unlocked remotes hurt like a b**** under water tho"

-Founder of Pavlok (Maneesh Sethi)


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