Pavlok’s Zap has been engineered to be safe, effective, and painless. You can adjust its intensity inside the app if you’d like it to be weaker or stronger. The purpose of the Zap is to grab your attention and bring you back into the present moment.

The circuit is complete on your skin, and the voltage/amperage is not enough to harm you.


Pavlok is NOT intended for:

  • Children

  • Pets

  • Women who may be pregnant

  • Those with certain heart conditions

  • Persons with an internal medical device (such as a pacemaker)

  • Those with pre-existing medical conditions that may be affected by mild electrical stimulus.

Although Pavlok has been tested for safety, please consult with your physician should you have any specific concerns to your health before using Pavlok. Pavlok is recommended for those that are 18+

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