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Red, Yellow Blinking Lights on Pavlok 2/ Shock Clock 2
Red, Yellow Blinking Lights on Pavlok 2/ Shock Clock 2
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"I'm trying to charge my Pavlok 2 and the battery blinks red twice, then a 2 second red light then dim to bright yellow light and then repeats these steps. Any idea what's going on? "
Wed. Mar. 8 2023 11:19 a.m. EST

That pattern blinks when the device has been completely depleted of battery - it just shows that it needs to be paired with the app again to re-sync with the time zone.
Wed. Mar. 8 2023 11:19 a.m. EST

Button Info:

The lightning bolt is a button used to either Snooze (1 press) or Turn off (hold for 5 seconds) the alarm. The snooze will last for 5 minutes before alerting you to wake up again with your chosen stimuli. Please note that while the Shock Clock is in snooze mode, it will blink red every 15 seconds.


Charge the module through the Micro-USB port on the side of the module using the included USB cord. Plug one end into the Shock Clock, and the other into a computer’s USB port or USB wall charger. Shock Clock will pulse red when charging and turn solid yellow when fully charged.


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