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Set Zap Level
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"How do I set the Zap level for the buttons?"

Mon. Jan. 16 2023

(On your Phone)
Open the Pavlok App

Click on the Shape with a Lightning Bolt inside it. (At the Top Right of the App)

Click on "Configure Device Button(s)"
(On the Device)
Press the Button whose settings you want to Change.
(On your Phone)
Press Next
Choose Zap Strength (it might be called "Snap" it's a term we used do use)

Move the Slider to your preferred percentage %.
Choose Number of Zaps (We Recommend One, the Max is 5)
Click Save Settings

You device will vibrate twice (If plugged in, Vibrate and Zap are disabled so it wont' Vibrate)

Congrats you Adjusted your Zap level.


Context: User is Attempting to set Zap level for Hand Detect:

"Yikes ...ok, now working. I had the shock on at 100% but it's too much so I reduced it to half, but it's still shocking at 100%. Even at 5% it's very strong."

Mon. Jan. 16 2023


Are you trying to change the zap level under the hand detection settings?

Please change the level under configure hand detection. Please see the screenshot I sent above.

Wed. Mar. 13 2024 EST

The P2/3 has a minimum delay of about 500ms, intended to reduce the chance you're touching the unit (so e.g. zap doesn't travel through the USB port), plus an additional random 0-1000ms delay which Maneesh suggested was helpful from a psychological point of view, so the user can't anticipate the exact moment of the zap and that increases its impact somehow. The random delay is, I believed, meant specifically for when the user directly requests it via button or app, whereas when it's triggered as part of e.g. an alarm stimulus there's no need for that so it's not used then.)


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