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SHOCK CLOCK 3: Alarm clock that SHOCKS you awake!

The world's only alarm clock that wakes you up with an electric zap. WAKE UP, GET UP & STAY UP!

The Shock Clock is a wearable device that helps users wake up and get out of bed instead of snoozing and sleeping in. The Shock Clock uses three sensory stimuli (vibrate, beep, and zap) to ensure you wake up on time.

The Shock Clock isn’t like other alarm clocks you’ve tried. Other alarms rely on annoying you until you give up and get out of bed – awake, but now in a terrible mood because of your annoying alarm.

That is NOT how you want to start your day. Often, the sensation of touch can work much better than the sound of an alarm.

Shock Clock 3 Buyers will have access to the "Pavlok for Waking Up App" in the home dashboard of the existing Pavlok App.

In the Waking up App you can Set alarms etc.

You'll have the option to unlock access to other Apps by paying a small subscription fee.


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