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Blinking Light Meaning for Pavlok/Shock Clock 3 Devices
Blinking Light Meaning for Pavlok/Shock Clock 3 Devices
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Generation 3 Pavlok Devices have a set of lights (LEDs) above the buttons. The lights are used to report many different conditions and events, only the most important of which are listed here. A few other LED indicators can be found in other sections of the Quick Start Guide.

Reset Worked:

If you plug the USB charging cable into the device and press the middle button for 10 seconds you will engage the Soft Reset. All the lights will turn on with green constant and yellow and red flashing continuously for 3 seconds, with continuous vibration.

Then you will see a Flashing yellow light from bottom towards top.

This means the reset worked. After that the encryption keys are gone. iOS devices appear to refuse to connect again at that point until you wipe its memory.

iOS pairing problem:
Device is continuously flashing single green 1 time, then middle yellows two times, and then red 1 time. Under rare circumstances, Bluetooth pairing with iOS can stop working. If the device starts repeating a pattern of 2 all-yellow flashes followed by 3 red flashes then you will need to go to the Bluetooth menu in the iOS Settings, tap on the i icon next to your device, and select “Forget Device” in order to be able to pair again normally.

Low battery: Red LED light periodically flashing three times in succession means the battery level is low and that you should recharge soon.

Clock not set: Two quick double flashes of the red LED light followed by a long red flash indicates that the clock is not set - reconnect with the app to restore the clock and alarms.

Snap: Red LED light indicates snap is charging; yellow lights will animate during the actual snap; green light will flash if the charge was successfully delivered (if you don’t see it the bottom of the Shock Clock might not have good contact with your skin - try adjusting the position or tightening the wrist band).

Other stimulus: Most vibrations or chimes will include an LED animation.


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