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Deleting Alarms
Deleting Alarms

Deleting Old Alarms

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Alarms live on your Pavlok device not on your Smartphone.

For TeamDroid Users:
Press and hold until a box pops up and then choose "OK"

For TeamApple Users:
To Delete an Alarm place your finger on the Alarm in the Pavlok app and slide left.


If you create your Alarms on your Pavlok X then disconnect and reconnect to Pavlok Y you cannot delete any alarms that were set when Pavlok 1 was connected. "
​"What if you lost your Pavlok X and cannot delete Alarms?"
Mon. Feb. 19 2024 EST

"I have a pavlok 2 that has been damaged by water and isn’t working correctly anymore, the existing alarms can’t be deleted, now there are double alarms in the list one for the old broken pavlok and one for my current pavlok 3. Please add a way to delete alarms while not connected to the pavlok."

"I changed my Pavlok device. Now I cannot delete my old alarms in the app which were used with previous device. Nor can I turn them off. It raises an error \"device not found\". But I don't have my old device anymore."

Please Delete and Re-install the Pavlok App otherwise all old alarm are cached (stored) in the Apps Memory.

For now there is no other way to delete alarms from a Device you no longer have.
The alarms live on the device not the phone.
Mon. Feb. 19 2024 EST


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