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Duplicate Alarms - Bug Report
Duplicate Alarms - Bug Report
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Won’t let me set an alarm,and each alarm I set multiples


2022-11-15 00:08:50 -0500

User: EM

iOS: 15.6.1

Device : iPhone14,5

App Version: 1.2.4

Build: 141

Bundle: com.pavlok3.core

Locale: en_US

Calendar: gregorian


Name: Pavlok-2-D2B5

Model: Pavlok-S

Hardware: 5.0.0

Firmware: 6.6.8

Software: +1

"Follow-up on a previous bug report of my alarms being duplicated and disassociated from the device: (1) the duplicated alarms all have the names shuffled; the 7pm alarm says "Morning", which was the 8:30am alarm, etc. (2) The duplicated alarms have the device identifier appended to the (shuffled) names. (3) It's the duplicates (misnamed and bearing the device id) that properly associate with the device; it is the *originals* that think they go to some other device. (There is no other Pavlok device in the household.)

I hope any of these observations help the investigation. It's always hard to know what could be significant."

User: C

Android: 30 (11)

Device : Motorola moto g stylus

App Version: 1.6.9

Build: 89

Locale: English

TimeZone: EST | Timezone id: America/New_York


Firmware: 6.6.8

I only had set 1 of each alarm for different times and it’s like they keep making more. Typically if I would try to make another alarm for the same time but a different day, it would say it already exists. Just confused, not sure why it keeps making more alarms.------------
K 2022-11-10

"When snoozing the alarm is duplicated in the saved alarms list"
iOS: 16.2
Device : iPhone13,3
App Version: 1.2.4
Build: 141

"The only slight bug I've noticed is that when you create a alarm it sometimes makes a second version of it but it's not that big of an issue cause all you have to do is delete one of them and it doesn't effect the alarm in any way!"


"The app shows the same alarm twice."


ADMIN USE ONLY (Do not click)


IOS: Snoozing an alarm creates unwanted duplicate alarms


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