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Keep Focus on Edited Alarm - Feature Request
Keep Focus on Edited Alarm - Feature Request
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every time I turn an alarm on or off, the app moves me back to the earliest alarm possible. it would be so much more user friendly if I remained at the alarm I was just at. for example if I have inactive alarms starting with 0500, and I need to set my alarm for 1400 bc I worked night shift, I have to scroll down through all of my inactive alarms to get to the 1400 alarm. the moment I select that alarm to turn it on however, the app just moves me all the way back up to the 0500 alarm and then I have to spend the time scrolling down through all my alarms to get back to 1400 if I wanted to set one for around 1430. it's a quality of use issue I have had for a while with this app. thanks


User: DT

Android: 31 (12)

Device : Samsung SM-G973U

App Version: 1.6.9

Build: 89

Locale: English

TimeZone: EST | Timezone id: America/New_York


Firmware: 6.6.8

ADMIN USE ONLY (Do not click)



14 Dec, 6:20


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