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Turn off bluetooth on Pavlok 3 - Feature Request
Turn off bluetooth on Pavlok 3 - Feature Request
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Depending on what is wanted, this could well be a trivial feature to implement. Is there a particular reason for wanting this? And any thoughts on how it would get turned on and off? Off through the app would be easy enough... but then of course you couldn't turn it back on that way.

Note that there's an existing "hibernate" feature that puts the unit into a deep low-power sleep (battery will last ~6 months this way) but it's completely inactive at that point.

Bluetooth is off, but so is everything else. This is currently used only by the factory when shipping new units, so the battery is preserved. Could easily be exposed for users to use through the app, if this is what was wanted. Basically an "airplane mode", though there is likely no reason anyone would actually need that.

If they want the unit functional (e.g. alarms, steps working etc) but with Bluetooth off, that doesn't exist but it's trivial to implement, once someone defines how the user would re-enable Bluetooth at that point. To decide how that would best be done, we'd need to understand the rationale behind wanting this.

Shutting off Bluetooth wouldn't halt whatever EMF the device gives off, though it would stop RF. Though apparently the FCC considers the power output of Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) to be so low it doesn't even make anyone submit test results on the health aspect (the bogus SAR measurement). But anyway, if there's any non-trivial number of users who would like this, it's probably so easy. Provided that it's worth doing. It would stretch out the battery life.

I added it to the "future actions" list in that V2 document so it's parked there for now, until someone asks for it.


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