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Is it safe to fly with my Pavlok?
Is it safe to fly with my Pavlok?
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Is it safe to fly with, how many mA does the battery have.
Mon. Jul. 3 2023 12:13 EST


The Pavlok device is battery-powered, and according to TSA guidelines, battery-powered devices are typically allowed in both checked and carry-on luggage. However, it's always a good idea to check with the specific airline or TSA for any updated guidelines or restrictions.


Yes that’s why I wanted to know the exact watts/hour and/or similar to that, because I fly from Sweden and in Europe so it’s different here


It is an 85 mA-hr single cell pack with internal safety circuit.


It is safe to fly while wearing your Pavlok wristband, no matter which one you have.

Our Pavlok employees do it all the time!

Like any watch, it is smart to take it off when going through security, as they will ask you to and if you don't, you will likely set off the metal detectors.

Travel safely!


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