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Sleep Tracking Improvements - Feature Request
Sleep Tracking Improvements - Feature Request
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sleep tracking says awake when it should probably say light sleep. there's no way I'm awake that much


User: Jam Man

Android: 31 (12)

Device : OnePlus NE2215

App Version: 1.6.9

Build: 89

Locale: English

TimeZone: CST | Timezone id: America/Chicago


Firmware: 6.6.8

It would be great if there were an week and month view for sleep amount and sleep score like there is for step count.


The current sleep chart is ok, it's colorful and straightforward, but it's not very detailed. It would be nice if it were possible to see a more detailed version, like this one from the old version of the app:

This is a screenshot from the old app it, it's the screen that would pop up as soon as you turned off the alarm. I like how you can see specifically where the dots are

"Only thing I've noticed so far is that for my build and os, sleep tracking data points are far bigger than normal"

- E

This is of a graph that could only be seen when you first turned the alarm off. Even on the old version you couldn't access it aside from that one time. Personally, I'd love to be able to access the more detailed graph at any time.


In sleep tracking, there doesn't appear to be any way to delete a aborted sleep segments that you don't want to keep.


Some form of automatic sleep tracking support in the app. Heuristic analysis of movement patterns to determine if the user has likely fallen asleep or awakened. Sleep \"editor\" allowing clipping of the beginning and end of the logged sleep session.


My only complaint is the chart for the sleep tracking. It's not my favorite.



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