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Auto Sleep Tracking - Feature Request
Auto Sleep Tracking - Feature Request
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"Auto track sleep? Forget to hit ‘start tracking sleep’ sometimes…."

MS Tue.-Oct.-25

The only thing I would like to see changed on the app is the sleep tracking; currently, when you alarm goes off the sleep tracking is automatically disabled, which makes sense, but I have had times where I forgot to turn off an extra alarm or had an alarm to check something during the night only to realize my sleep tracking was interrupted. Pretty minor thing, but the rest of it is great!


Hi Deon. No bugs so far from what I have found. Besides that, I'm not sure if it does this already (I don't think so) but it would be nice if the sleep-tracking could auto-determine whether you are sleeping or not based on the Focus Status of your device. So if Do not Disturb / Focus mode is set to sleep, Pavlok assumes you are sleeping for tracking purposes, vs if you disable the sleep focus on your phone it will know you're not sleeping. I use it with my Apple Watch and that would be a welcomed feature. Also looking forward to when other folks could trigger an alert on the Pavlok remotely.


You can turn on Auto Sleep Tracking if you are an Advanced Tech User below:


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