What is The Difference?

A.) Pavlok 3 vs Shock Clock 3? B.) Pavlok 3 vs Pavlok 2?

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A.) Pavlok 3 vs Shock Clock 3?

The main differences between Shock Clock 3 and Pavlok 3 are their focus and features.

Shock Clock 3 (SC3) is a wake-up focused device that uses a shock to help users wake up on time.

Pavlok 3, does everything SC3 does and is a habit and productivity-oriented device that has additional features and capabilities beyond waking you up.

Pavlok 3 is the more advanced and premium product, as it includes all the features of Shock Clock 3 and more.

Both devices have improved water resistance, programmable buttons, and the option to be worn as a standalone device or as an Apple Watch band. However, only Pavlok 3 has advanced features for creating and breaking habits, improving focus and productivity, and more.

In terms of physical design and colour,

Shock Clock 3 only comes in purple trim,

while Pavlok 3 comes in black and white.

Shock Clock 3

The Shock Clock 3 is the same base device as the Pavlok 3.
The intensity of the Zap will be exactly the same as Pavlok 3.

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Pavlok 3
The difference is Software! Pavlok 3 is more habits / focus / productivity oriented, whereas Shock Clock 3 is focused only on Waking You Up.

Pavlok 3 has all the features of Pavlok 2 and it comes with a fresh design that provides two distinct ways of wearing it. One, as before, is as a standalone wrist wearable. The alternative is to wear it as an Apple Watch band. Other things that are new include improved Bluetooth pairing, the wearable has additional programmable buttons, the app has undergone a redesign and water resistance has been increased to IP67. Pavlok 3 now has three programmable buttons.

Pavlok 3 is the more premium product so it will also have all the features of the Shock Clock 3 plus More.

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B.) Pavlok 3 vs Pavlok 2?

So why would you buy a Pavlok 2?

Pavlok 2 is an amazing device that's helped thousands of people break bad habits, create new ones and improve their life in many different ways.

It's cheaper than Pavlok 3 and works fine as long as you keep it dry.

The Pavlok 3 builds on this and is improved in many different ways.

A few highlights include:
- Water Resistance,
- 3 Programmable Buttons,
- Watch Clip (Sold Separately) to allow you to add it to your watch/smartwatch.

Overall we have improved Bluetooth (BLE) pairing so issues are now exceedingly rare, or non-existent on iOS (iphone) and Android.

Pavlok supports all Samsung phones except:

  • Samsung Galaxy A10 phones and A-Series Tablets. (because they don’t have adequate Bluetooth low energy support)

  • Samsung J7 and J-3 2018 Version.

All older Pavloks are now called Gen 2. There's no Pavlok 1 anymore.

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