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Hey there! Let’s dive into what’s cool about our latest gadgets and how they stack up against the older models.

Meet the New Kid on the Block: Shock Clock Max!

- It’s our first gadget with a screen (pretty awesome, right?)

- Comes with 4 buttons you can program to your liking

- Tracks your heart rate too!

The Classics: Generation 3 Devices

- Pavlok 3 and Shock Clock 3 are like the cool upgrades of your favorite classics.

- They both come with better Bluetooth connectivity and can handle a splash (but don’t go showering with them).

- You get three buttons to program with multiple choices

- You can wear them on their own or hooked onto your Apple Watch band.

- Both devices are essentially twins in terms of what they can do, including that wake-up zap that’s just the right kind of touch.

What’s the Same? What’s Different?

The Pavlok 3 is your go-to for not just waking up but also for nailing your habits, boosting focus, and upping your productivity game. Typical habits people use it for, are nail biting, hair picking, to stop smoking and to stop repetitive negative thoughts.
Plus, you can snag it only in Black or White.

Check out Pavlok 3 here

The Shock Clock 3 focuses only on making sure you never sleep through your alarm again, with an exclusive Purple Trim look.

Grab your Shock Clock 3 at a sweet deal here.

Don’t Forget the Classics: Generation 2 Devices

Pavlok 2 has been a game-changer for tons of people looking to kick bad habits and form new ones.

It’s your budget-friendly pick if you’re okay with keeping it away from moisture.

The Original: Pavlok 1

The one that started it all has taken a bow and retired.

Extra Goodies

Watch Clip (Sold Separately) to allow you to add Gen 3 Devices to your watch/smartwatch.

Samsung Phone Users:
We’re all good with most Samsung phones, just a heads up that Galaxy A10, A-Series Tablets, and J7 & J-3 (2018 versions) aren’t on the guest list due to Bluetooth vibes.

That’s the rundown! Whether you’re looking to upgrade or trying out one of our gadgets for the first time, there’s something here for everyone.


Hey there! This quick read was whipped up by yours truly, Deon Don, over at Pavlok Research.

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