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Skin Conductivity and the Pavlok Zap
Skin Conductivity and the Pavlok Zap
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The reason why why some users might not feel the lower levels is because zaps might not be strong enough to pass through their skin.

This is easily fixed by increasing the level until you find the intensity that you can feel.

Also, note that you might need to adjust the intensity from time to time, depending on factors such as room humidity and changing dryness of your skin.
It even has natural protection against electric shocks called 'breakdown resistance'.

This resistance can affect your usage of your Pavlok device, and cause it to appear that the zap feature does not work on the lower strength levels. To resolve this, all you need to do is slowly increase the zap strength until you feel something. You can increase it by 10% until you feel the zap (50-60% is usually enough).

Once you've done this, you can lower the zap strength back to your preferred level.

It's important to note the breakdown resistance is specific to a certain point in your skin. If you move the device or wear the band loosely - you'll have to follow these steps again. To avoid that, we recommend wearing the band tightly so that the body
of the device doesn't move.


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