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Setting Times for Morning Routines - Bug Report
Setting Times for Morning Routines - Bug Report
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Won't let me set a morning routine.

The begin time is 8pm and end time is 1am on the start screen.

I cannot alter the times

I'm just trying to set a time to complete the routine

And it won't let me change the windows

When I alter either I get an error


Can you please try to delete your routine and create a new one?

I will delete the evening one I have set up

I have not been able to enter any morning tasks yet

All routine items are deleted

Tried creating new routine

Still says start time cannot be after the end time and won't let me enter data until 20:00

L Mon Dec 5 2033

"cannot change the starting or ending time for the morning routine"

User: A
Android: 31 (12)
Device : Samsung SM-N970U1
App Version: 1.6.9
Build: 89
Locale: English
TimeZone: EST | Timezone id: America/New_York
Firmware: 6.6.8
Nov 9 2022

"Your app decides what times of the day I’m allowed to do my routine. This is ludicrous. Please let me do my morning and evening routines when it is right for me and my schedule!

I was so excited about the routines and I can’t even use them."


2022-11-25 00:46:54 +0900

User: J

iOS: 16.1.1

Device : iPhone13,4

App Version: 1.2.4

Build: 141

Bundle: com.pavlok3.core

Locale: en_JP

Calendar: gregorian


Model: Pavlok-S

Hardware: 6.0.0

Firmware: 6.6.8

Software: +0


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