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Smart Alarm - Bug Report - iOS
Smart Alarm - Bug Report - iOS
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"I like the new interface and it works really well. The only issue which I'm not sure if it's a bug or by design is when I used the smart alarm there was no way to turn it off. So it worked in getting me to stop snoozing the alarm but then I took the bracelet off and got up and it just kept going off. I had to just keep wearing it until it knew I was up lol"


"I know the point of the smart alarm is to wake you up after you've fallen back asleep for 30 minutes, but when I'm awake awake and I don't wear the Pavlok during the day I put it back on my night stand and it keeps vibrating beeping and sending shocks. I should be able to maintain the smart alarm for when I'm actually falling back asleep but indicate when I actually want that to end because im not wearing it anymore."



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