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Tasker Android - Integration
Tasker Android - Integration
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Pavlok + Automate/Tasker: Jump-start your habits with Android automation

With the help of Pavlok and Android automation apps you can give your will power some extra boost, and zap your inner procrastinator out of the way.

TL;DR: The following are some automation thingies (let's call them "zApps") that can give you that first push that sometimes we need in order to start creating a new habit.

Some important details:

  • You need to download Tasker and/or Automate from the Google Play Store in order for the zApps to work;

  • You need to open the links to the zApps from your phone, so they get imported to the corresponding app (Tasker or Automate);

  • Tasker isn't free. It's like $1.5;

  • Automate is free, but the free version has a limitation: if you want to run multiple Automate zApps you'll probably need to pay for the Premium version (it's not expensive);

  • Remember, these aren't magic pills. They'll help you walk the path, but you have to use your own legs.

CloZapp (Close App) - Tasker

Force yourself to use an app for a specified period of time. If you close that app before the time is over you'll get zapped, and the app will reopen by itself.

Scheduled CloZapp - Tasker

Like CloZapp, but you can set a schedule so the app you want to force yourself to use will open at a specific time. You'll need CloZapp for this one to work

Walk or Zap - Tasker

Set a time and/or frequency to get yourself walking. Set the amount of steps you should walk, and you'll get notified when the time comes. Start walking or get zapped until you do! You'll get notified when you've met your Steps Goal.

Walk or Zap - Automate

Set a Steps Goal and start walking! You'll get zapped if you stop, so keep going until the Goal is done!

Food zApp - Automate

Get zapped when opening UberEats and DoorDash

Sometimes it seems we lack the strength to start a new habit. No matter how much we want it, it's as if the laziness within us was almighty and had complete control over us. Maybe you're lucky and this isn't your case; but if it is, hopefully you'll find some powerups here that will kick the laziness out of you, or at least zap it enough to give you an advantage over it.

These zApps aren't magic pills, and either is the Pavlok device. You need some honest will for change and self-improvement. But for some of us that's not always enough. And that's where these zApps come in.

If you're here and got a Pavlok device, that means you're already willing to change and become a better version of yourself. And hopefully these zApps will give you that first push you might need.

There's this "2 minute rule" (no, it's not for eating food from the floor) for overcoming procrastination, that I really like and has worked for me. A time-consuming task will trigger our inner procrastinator right away. But if we set ourselves to spend just 2 minutes on it, then we will not only spend some time on the task, but we will most probably end up spending much more time on it. It's all about getting started. And this can be applied to habits too.

BUT, there's a big but... Some of us are master procrastinators, and even thinking about starting a task or habit will make us say "not now", even if we set ourselves to spend only 2 minutes on it.

And that's what most of these zApps are meant to help with. To simply get started. To say "ok" instead of "not now". And they will attempt oi also help during the task or habit (i.e. if you stop doing the task you'll get zapped until you keep going).

The zApps listed here will attempt to help you with:

  • Get walking and achieve a Steps Goal;

  • Avoid using certain apps;

  • Force yourself to use apps you should be using (this one can be used to get yourself to meditate, read, etc. Basically if there's an app for your habit, you can force yourself to use that app with this zApp);

  • Stop cursing;


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