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PhoneCall Trigger? - Feature Request (Completed)
PhoneCall Trigger? - Feature Request (Completed)
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How do i set up my shock clock 3 to zap me when i get a phone call?
Fri. Jun. 2 2023 9:05 EST

Hi J, Thanks for reaching out. Go to the battery icon on the upper right, click on it and scroll down to "Workflows". Click on workflows and follow the prompts to set it up.


"Just a curiosity, is there a posibility of an integration between the pavlok app and say receiving calls or texts? To possibly get a notification from the unit for an emergent call or text that may not wake up a heavy sleeper... Just a thought I was curious about."

D Mon.-Nov.-28

"Also you guys need to develop shocks for phone calls for iOS. I was really disappointed to see it wasn't a function."

S Mon.-Nov.-28

"If I was able to link emergency alerts to shock that would be great. I am a professional firefighter that doesn't hear the tones go off at night when we get a call sometimes. So if there was an option to link emergency alerts to set the watch off that would be good."

-C Mon.-Oct.-24

"I think the app is really great. I think it would be cool to add a feature where you would get a zap for things like a text message or a phone call or wherever notification it may be. I have not run into any bugs at this time. Thank you for reaching out."
J Sat.-Oct.-22

"I work on call and you should add a feature to zap me awake when I turn on sleep mode if I get a call."


"Hi, I am a new Pavlok user and I see zap making me a punctual person. But one thing this app lacks is the zap during incoming phone call."

- AP

- JI

"Connect Text message alert a big plus for Deaf Community"


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