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Hi Pavlok !
I want to understand how to track the habits accurately. I set up my habits but what I don't understand is how to log that I did them. And my watch buzzes when it's not supposed too.
Thu. Jun. 8 2023 8:38 EST


Hi J,
Thank for reaching out.

It will have no specific data entry for the habits that you wish to do or avoid. Instead, it will give you the option to "remind" yourself that you have or have not completed a certain task/habit, thus training your brain to ensure that you reach your goal.

Recording weight is an example which the Pavlok app reminds you to do. However, it is an external task outside of the app, which currently doesn't support this.

At the moment, as we don't have an specific data entry for this kind of habit/task, you need to record your weight outside the app once done, please hold down on the record weight habit, it will complete the circle.


Ok... maybe I could help you understand better. It has a streak counting ... and it's not counting. So with the habit of waking up on time it has the ability to count streaks of how long I successfully do it. It's not doing that

To complete a habit and record your streak in the Habit app, follow these steps:

Open the Habit app on your phone.

Find the habit you want to complete (waking up on time) and hold down on it.

As you hold down, a circle will start to fill up.

Keep holding until the circle is completely filled.

Once the circle is complete, your habit will be marked as completed for the day.

Your streak will be recorded, showing your progress.


I think you telling me to hold the circle worked

Yes, you need to hold down on the habit to complete the circle. Once the circle is complete, your habit will be marked as completed for the day.

Thank you so much for you helping me.



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