Micro Habit Method
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One of the most effective ways to install a supportive Habit is the MicroHabit Method.

What is a Microhabit?

A Microhabit is the smallest individual action you can take to begin a new behaviour and turn it into a habit.


Write out the Result that your habit will create in your life...



Break the habit into at least 2 to 4 component parts. These are your MicroHabits.

Make them so easy to do, you can’t fail.

1 MICROHABIT___________________________________________________

2 MICROHABIT___________________________________________________

3 MICROHABIT___________________________________________________

4 MICROHABIT___________________________________________________


Choose a Small Reward:____________________________________________

Choose a Big Reward for Weekly Success:______________________________

Example: Buy myself a gift worth $10. (Be specific)


Choose a penalty if you fail:__________________________________________

We recommend a tiny penalty for failure.

Get started immediately! Do the first microhabit today.


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