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Advanced Wake Up Guarantees
Advanced Wake Up Guarantees
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Ah I See you are person that needs more than the Basic Alarms to Get you Up.
Keep reading for the many Advanced Wake Up Guarantees.

Multi Zap:
Instead of being Zapped once you can be Zapped up to Five Times in a Row

Snooze Zap:
Get a Zap When you press the Snooze button for your Alarm.

Jumping Jacks wake up:
With this option you can't snooze the Alarm anymore and the only way to stop it is by performing several quick jumping jacks. Depending on how strong your jumping jacks are, 3 to 10 Jumping Jacks will have to be done. You have to keep arms stiff and really swing them from high to low to get them to count.
(Do not set it to more than 20 at the very max.)

QR Code Wake Up:
First to go to and print the QR code.

Tape it somewhere in your house. We recommend on your refrigerator or bathroom mirror.
Next Touch the White Circle on Toggle Switch to slide it from "O" to "I"
"I" = ON

"O" = OFF
When your alarm goes off in the morning, use the Pavlok App to scan the QR code. This will disable the alarm. (Make sure the app is paired to your phone in the morning).

The Below are Available only on Gen 3 Devices or higher:

Escalating Alarm:
The Device will wake you with lower Alarm Stimuli (Vibe, Beep,Zap) than what you set until it reaches the Max level you set. This Saves Battery life

Smart Alarm:
Wake up even after turning off your Alarm.
Every time you unconsciously disable your Alarm and go back to sleep, you wake up late and regret what happened.

Smart Alarm is here to help you avoid that situation.
How it works
After Enabling a Smart Alarm, we track your sleep cycles, your movement among other metrics to determine if you went back to sleep and fire the alarm again to make sure you wake up.

Light Sleep:
Wake Up Gently in lightest stage of sleep.
Every night, your body alternates between cycles of deep and light Sleep.

Waking up during light sleep helps you wake up easily and feel less groggy.
How it Works

Light Sleep Mode will monitor you sleep Cycles 20 mins before your Scheduled Alarm.
If your body is in light sleep during that 20 minuter period, The Pavlok Alarm will
activate early for a seamless morning.

If not, your alarm will activate at the scheduled time.

Puzzle Alarm:

You will have to Solve a Puzzle to turn off your Alarm.


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