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Rent vs Buy Option for Pavlok Device? (Subscription)
Rent vs Buy Option for Pavlok Device? (Subscription)
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And also, may I ask if my friend wants to subscribe to the $29.99USD/per month order, how many months do they have to pay for the subscription ?

Wed. May 31 2023 13:23 EST

For as long as you have the device. You can buy it out for $99 and cancel the subscription


What are the differences between Subscription and buying it out right?


You can access all the features of the Shock Clock 3 device without needing a subscription but you are also given the option to upgrade your device to a Pavlok 3 with the advanced habit breaking features.

Got it, so the differences are purely software?




How do I Opt Out of the subscrption?

You can Opt out anytime in two ways:

  1. Let Support know you want to Return the device and end the subscription.

  2. Pay a one time Keep My Device Charge of $99USD.

Note: This is *not* a Rent-to-own Plan this is a Rent-For-Use Plan, your previous months of payment do not count towards the Purchase price.

Rental/Subscriptions/Memberships begin on the date of purchase. You will be billed monthly on the date of the first purchase. For more details go to...

If you don't want to Rent you can always buy it at


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