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Why do I need to enable location permissions to use Pavlok?


It's so that you can use Bluetooth (BLE) to get your phone to talk to your device.

On Android 11 and above: We only require nearby devices permission to use BLE.

On Android 10 and below: We require location permission and location service enabled in order for bluetooth scan to work correctly.

On iOS: We don’t need location permission

The Full Article:
Why Pavlok App Requests Location Permission on Android Devices. At Pavlok, we are committed to being transparent about the permissions our app requires and how they enhance your experience with our wearable device. This explainer will help you understand why the Pavlok app requests Location permission on certain Android devices and how it’s needed to connect to the Pavlok device via Bluetooth.For the Pavlok production app:

  • Android: Location permission is needed to establish a reliable Bluetooth connection between your smartphone and the Pavlok device. Android devices use Location services to scan for nearby Bluetooth devices, which helps the app detect and connect to your Pavlok device. This is a requirement by the Android operating system and not a choice made by Pavlok. The app does not track or store your location data, and your privacy remains protected.

  • iOS: Location permission is not needed, as iOS handles Bluetooth connections differently. The Pavlok app doesn’t request Location permission for iOS users.

For the Pavlok new Beta app ( > v2.0.0):

  • Android 10 and below: Location permission and location services must be enabled for the Bluetooth scan to work correctly. This is due to the way these versions of Android handle Bluetooth connections. Rest assured, the Pavlok app doesn’t track or store your location data, and your privacy is always respected.

  • Android 11 and above: The app requires only Nearby Devices permission, as these versions of Android have improved the way they handle Bluetooth connections. Location permission is no longer needed, and the app doesn’t request it.

  • iOS: Similar to the Pavlok production app, the Beta app on iOS doesn’t require Location permission. Apple’s operating system handles Bluetooth connections in a way that doesn’t necessitate Location services. The app

In summary, the Pavlok app requests Location permission on certain Android devices only to ensure a seamless Bluetooth connection with your Pavlok wearable. This requirement is based on the Android operating system’s handling of Bluetooth connections and is not related to tracking or storing your location data. Our commitment to your privacy remains a top priority, and we strive to deliver a user-friendly experience across all platforms.


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