Release 6.6.5

  • Released 2022-07-28

Summary of all recent changes.

  • Quick improvements to battery % calculations to represent values more accurately, especially during charging. (Reported values during charging were up to 30% too high.) Also removed clipping that kept units reporting 100% for quite a while.

  • Fast battery level logging while charging

Known issues:

  • % battery level will appear to drop after the upgrade.

  • When transitioning on or off the charger, there are a few minutes where the algorithm is recalibrating and the percentage can “wander” either way before settling to the final value. (e.g. the battery % could appear to drop even for a bit after going on the charger)

Release 6.6.0

  • Released 2022-05-11 (to users as an update)

New Features:

  • Escalating Alarm option

  • Smart Alarm option

  • Script Alarm stimulus option

  • Zap Boost (HV zap) available - 125% zap levels, when on supported hardware

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed: issue where the beep during jumping jacks could cause the accelerometer to “see” enough activity to accomplish the jumping jack goal.

Known issues:

  • none

  • battery estimates appear variable, probably from changing battery characteristics

Release 6.4.0

Woohoo! It's time for a new app update!

We are releasing some of the most requested features for our alarm clock users. Two major features are now available.

**Important: You must update your firmware to > 6.4 to use these new features.** Instructions for updating firmware are available in [this post]

Here are the new features:

- **Escalating Alarms** - If the zap doesn't wake you up, the strength increases until it does.

- **Smart Alarms** - If you turn off the alarm and go back to bed, the alarm will trigger again. How does it do this? Pavlok will track your sleep cycles and your movement among other metrics to determine if you went back to sleep and fire the alarm again to make sure you wake up.

You can enable these features in the "Edit Alarm" screen.

These are new features and we are excited to share them with you. Please let us know if you have any problems or issues with them!

Check out the demo videos for more :)

# To access these features

Make sure that you've updated the app by going to the App Store or Google Play Store and updating.

Then, make sure you've updated your firmware to the newest version (Newer than 6.4.0) to enable these features.

# Escalating Alarms Demo

# Smart Alarms Demo

# Bug Fixes

Here are some minor bug fixes we've made

Other changes and Fixes:

- The quick start guide will be hidden automatically after 30 days

- Updates and improvements to the Pavlok challenge chat

- Fixes and improvements to the Aversion app

- Fixes and improvements to the Stopwatch

  • Released on 2021-11-01 (to production) and 2021-11-02 (to users as an update)

  • (Functionally the same as 6.3.25.)

  • Complete rewritten “timer” support (for “stopwatch” and “countdown” timers). The earlier timer API is still supported (mostly) so older apps will continue to work. The new timer functionality requires new apps (released roughly at the same time) or the WebTool. Note that a “long hold” (hold for 1.5s or more) on middle button can be used to stop all active timers, similarly to how it will stop Find My Phone, or an active alarm, or silence jumping jacks. General features include:

    • 5 different timer configurations are available, one non-persistent and the others saved to flash. The non-persistent one was intended to allow the app to let a user “test” a given configuration, without overwriting an existing one, or just to let the app run a fresh timer even if the user has the others assigned to buttons.

    • Buttons can be assigned to start/stop/pause and similar operations for a timer.

    • Each timer can have up to 8 intervals, which can be repeating (periodic) or non-repeating (one-shot), with a time value ranging from 1s to one week.

    • Intervals can have a stimulus: vibe/beep/zap with a level and repeat count, or run a script (i.e. play a canned tune).

    • Timers can have an expiry time (in seconds).

    • Timers can have a user “mark” value to record in the log when Q2 is pressed while the timer is active (for example, as a way for users to record an “urge”).

    • When active timers BLE events are reported with info including elapsed time.

  • Support for Find My Phone and Find my Pavlok

    • Find My Phone can be assigned to a button, and when pressed, if the phone is connected the device will vibe more quickly the closer it is to the phone, and it will request that the phone play a tune

    • Find My Device can be enabled by a connected phone, and the device will repeat its loudest beeping noise for up to a minute

  • The user log now includes:

    • “Finding” records, indicating when “Find My X” has been started or stopped.

    • “Zap” records (subject to rate-limiting, not recording some zaps if there are too many in a short time span).

    • “Mark” records, to record “urges” or other user “marks”.

  • Holding down the middle button for 10s will force a bluetooth disconnect (which can disconnect you from a phone that won’t let go.) [[ it is suggested this is NOT for public release - probably more confusing than useful. CS should know about it, but even then it may not be useful enough relative to just doing a reset at 12.5s.

DST is coming - how to prepare

If you are in most regions of North America, or some other countries, the Daylight Savings Time change is coming this weekend. Any alarms you have set following the change will not occur at the correct time unless your pavlok connects to your phone before the alarm time. Although the firmware supports DST, it requires support in the app which is not yet in place. For now you can use to set up the next DST change. Note that the webtool works well only in Chrome on Android or Mac OSX. (Unfortunately IOS doesn’t support WebBluetooth, and connecting can be slow or flaky on Windows.) After connecting, a button should appear at the top that says “Set DST”. Press it and you should now be prepared. It will have the same DST switch time as the phone/computer you used to connect to the device.

As a set of steps:

  • using Chrome on Android, MacOS and Windows (difficult/slow on Windows), NOT iOS

  • go to

  • press “Connect”

  • in the dialogue that comes up, click on your pavlok unit, then press “Pair”

  • near the top of the screen should appear a Warning. Clicking on “Set DST” should set the DST based on the DST information in the computer/phone and clear the warning. You can see a bit more information under the Setup tab if desired.

Release 6.2.0

Known Issues:

  • Timer values >=35 minutes do not work properly.

Release 6.1.25

  • Released on 2021-06-01

  • Added 4 new canned scripts

Release 6.1.23

  • Released on 2021-05-27

  • Highly recommended that all users upgrade to this

New Features:

  • A lot of infrastructure work to support future expansion

  • Approaching a more consistent common feedback design.

  • New LED patterns: turning a feature on or off gives an LED swipe to red or green. Starting or stopping a feature does an in & out lightshow with a red or green. Errors generate a triple red flash.

  • Improved error handling

New Features (available when software supports it, or via the WebTool, which is a bare-bones development tool):

  • Buttons have become more flexible - they are now part of the set of Triggers. You can now add an action to any button or trigger.

  • Morse code stimulus in stimulus language for StimSend (this is relevant for Zapier integrations)

  • New low-battery trigger - defaults to disabled (feedback selectable) - starts at 10% and roughly every 2% lower.

  • New battery charged trigger - defaults to disabled (feedback selectable)

  • Hourly chime trigger - defaults to disabled (feedback selectable)

  • Double Tap is now a trigger

  • Hand Detect can have LED feedback disabled and be “hidden”.

  • Silent Jumping Jacks - global setting

  • Manual Do Not Disturb (mDND) Mode can be turned on or off. This suppresses almost all notifications including alarms. Button presses will always give a response of some form, but all beeps are mapped to LED flashes instead

  • Auto Do Not Disturb (aDND): can define times when auto-DND comes on automatically. This is a form of “do not disturb” but where alarms still occur.

  • Default Morse Code Configuration. This includes the type of stimulus, the level of the stimulus, and the speed of the morse code (set in Words Per Minute).

  • Morse Code Time action. Can be applied to any trigger event/button. A natural pairing for the hourly chime.

  • Pre-configured StopWatch start/stop can be applied to any trigger event/button. The timer stimulus can also run a script.

  • Pre-configured Countdown timer start/cancel can be applied to any trigger event/button. The timer stimulus can also run a script. Useful for having a pre-set tea steep time and being reminded exactly when that time has elapsed, or to time your intervals while running.

Tweaks and Bug Fixes:

  • The middle button (Q2) assignment would not be saved properly if set from the P3 app. The previous assignment as set by the P2 app would return after a reset. This is now fixed.

  • Hand Detect is now disabled during manual sleep

  • Short press extended from 500ms max to allow up to 700ms timing

  • Alarms fire if time change will jump past next alarm

  • Jumping Jacks reverted to be sensitive to simple level of effort. Most actions will count, not just traditional arm swings.

  • Fixed bug where “bad clock” flash was not shown except when on the charger.

  • Power on improvements - avoid units seemingly bricking if allowed to discharge very low by being on a shelf for 6 months say. - hence this should be a REQUIRED UPGRADE.

  • Support for automatic DST changes

  • Reboots after 6.1 will preserve steps and energy across the reboot. (but you will still lose them on the upgrade to 6.1)

Known Issues:

  • Issue: (should not affect most users) Users running 6.0.xx and have modified their buttons (typically with Pav3 app) and have reset their device since may have Q2 and snooze response reset to defaults. Users should verify and potentially fix their button settings.

  • There is an occasional hiccup in tune playing where there may be a piece of the tune before the full tune is played, at least when used with an alarm.

  • The notification of battery full can take enough power that the green LED will turn off immediately after coming on, looking like it is not fully charged still. Also, the green LED can come on a few seconds after the notification, which is confusing user feedback.

  • Timer values >34.95 minutes do not work properly.

Release 6.0.115

  • Released on 2021-02-18

  • Fixed bug where alarms did not reload after a firmware upgrade. Also updated so that the time is approximately preserved across a firmware upgrade now too (though this is and was largely invisible to users).

  • Known issue: “bad clock” flash no longer shown except when on the charger.

    17-Feb-2021 - Author: Maneesh Sethi

    Watch a demo of the new features and a guided walkthrough of how to install.

    It's here! The first big update for Pavlok 3. Firmware is the software that runs directly on the physical device -- not the app, etc. It improves the functionality of the physical product.

    Here's what's new:

    Battery is now up to 40% longer: We added some really cool enhancements and optimizations that significantly increase battery life depending on actual use (for some users, this could add days of battery life).

    New features

    Jumping Jacks Silence: Don't want to hear the whirrr sound during your jumping jacks? Long press the middle button while the alarm is going off, and the sound will be silenced. (You still have to do the jumping jacks!)

    Hand Detect Snooze: Allow “snoozing” hand detect for 30 minutes by quick pressing the middle button within 5s of hand detect being triggered (i.e. when green LED is lit).

    Candle Mode: Light up the LEDs to add a bit of light to your life. . This feature can be enabled by holding down the top button. It extinguishes itself after 30s. It's quite romantic if I do say so myself.

    Double Tap Battery Life: Double-tap the face of the Pavlok 3 to see your battery life.

    Breathing Charge: While charging your Pavlok, charging LED breathes and pulses.

    Minor Changes

    Reduced minimum time for a “long-press” from 2.5s to 1.5s.

    Fixed a minor issue where the Save to Button wouldn't save the strength of the stimulus to your device.

    How to Install

    Install this by going to the Pavlok 3 app. You should see a popup. If not, click on the Settings icon in the top right of the App (inside the Remote). You'll see an option to upgrade the firmware on that screen.

Release 6.0.114

  • Released on 2021-01-19

  • Button 2 zap is disabled on factory hibernated units until a long press on button 2 (which then Rick Rolls the user) or the battery notification service is enabled, presumably by the app (i.e. no zapping until the app connects or a long press on button 2 - snowflake mode)

  • Known issue: alarms will not reload automatically after an upgrade to this firmware. User needs to make any change to alarms to force a reload and then all works normally.

  • Known issue: “bad clock” flash no longer shown except when on the charger.

Release 6.0.112

  • Released on 2021-01-18

  • Performance improvements to significantly increase battery life depending on actual use (for some users, this could add days of battery life).

  • Improved zap control for more consistent results.

  • Reduced minimum time for a “long-press” from 2.5s to 1.5s.

  • Changed zap animation and charging LED to reduce power consumption.

  • Allow jumping jacks tone to be silenced by button L2 when the alarm is triggered.

  • Allow “snoozing” hand detect for 30 minutes by pressing button Q2 within 5s of hand detect being triggered (i.e. when green LED was lit).

  • Added critical battery shutdown to protect the battery and try to preserve the clock if the voltage drops to 0% for long. The unit should be recharged within roughly the next day to avoid loss of the clock and the resulting need to reconnect to the app.

  • Added support for turning off Bluetooth (a.k.a. “airplane mode”) for increased battery life and security. Will be supported with a future app update.

  • Added programmable button support. (This was first added in 6.0.27 but up until now it wasn’t a stable feature so consider it unsupported in earlier versions.)

  • Fixed issue involving wrong “energy” data in graph.

  • Fixed issue where alarms were loaded even when RTC value was bad.

  • Fixed issue where “Save to Button” in the app would not update the stored settings properly until a second “Save to Button” was done.

  • Known issue: a problem can occur with iOS where the Bluetooth encryption keys are lost, and pairing will fail repeatedly. When this occurs, a special LED flash indicates the problem (double 5-yellow flash then triple red flash) but the user must find their device in the iOS Bluetooth settings, tap on the ⓘ icon, and “Forget Device” in order to clear the problem. (This issue existed starting in 6.0.46.)

  • Known issue: an Android-specific Bluetooth issue exists where after an update, the Bluetooth connection can be broken so that the app cannot talk properly to the device. This is not an actual firmware issue, but a problem in the Android OS affecting all different Bluetooth LE devices. It can lead to undefined behaviour and all kinds of mysterious problems, and can be resolved only by going into the Android “system apps” list and clearing the Bluetooth app data and cache, or by updating to a future version of the Pavlok app which will include support for clearing the Bluetooth cache automatically.

  • Known issue: “bad clock” flash no longer shown except when on the charger.

Release 6.0.62

  • Released on 2020-12-16

  • Candle feature now extinguishes itself after 30s.

  • Fix button mapping to match the “Pavlok 3 Guide”: Q1 vibe, Q2 zap, Q3 beep, L1 candle, L3 cycle tunes

  • Known issue: an iOS-specific connection problem can occur. (See 6.0.112.) Note: this was worse in 6.0.57 but is not completely resolved in 6.0.62 despite a change to avoid certain situations that can lead to this.

  • Known issue: if the clock is lost (battery drained or hard reset will do this) alarms will still trigger, but at the wrong time of day. (Fixed in 6.0.112.)

  • Known issue: “Save to Button” in the app will not update the stored settings properly until a second “Save to Button” is done. (Fixed in 6.0.112.)

Release 6.0.57

  • Released on 2020-12-07

  • Fix to reduce the frequency of occurrence of the iOS-related connection problem.

  • Known issue: an iOS-specific connection problem can occur. (See 6.0.112.)

  • Known issue: if the clock is lost (battery drained or hard reset will do this) alarms will still trigger, but at the wrong time of day. (Fixed in 6.0.112.)

  • Known issue: “Save to Button” in the app will not update the stored settings properly until a second “Save to Button” is done. (Fixed in 6.0.112.)

Release 6.0.46

  • Released on 2020-12-04

  • First release available for Pavlok 3 device.

  • Double tap shows battery level instead of cycling zap levels. This is a temporary feature that may change once full button programmability is released.

  • Add initial support for “tunes”, with each press of button L1 playing the next built-in tune in the cycle.

  • Add “candle” feature, by default on button L3 (long-press button 3), where all 5 yellow LEDs are illuminated to provide a very weak night light.

  • Add support for DST changes. Will be supported with a future app update.

  • Removed LED indication of connect/disconnect as this was annoying when a distant phone frequently lost then restored the Bluetooth connection.

  • Fix for issue where the app may have set an alarm with no way to stop it.

  • Added ANCS support for iOS, allowing the Pavlok server to send notifications to a Pavlok paired to an iOS device even when the app is not running.

  • Change initial zap delay from a fixed 0.5s to a random 0.5-1.0s delay, as the effectiveness is increased when the user is not sure exactly when it will be delivered.

  • Known issue: an iOS-specific connection problem can occur. (See 6.0.112.)

  • Known issue: if the clock is lost (battery drained or hard reset will do this) alarms will still trigger, but at the wrong time of day. (Fixed in 6.0.112.)

  • Known issue: “Save to Button” in the app will not update the stored settings properly until a second “Save to Button” is done. (Fixed in 6.0.112.)

Release 5.11.0 (and 5.11.1)

  • Released on 2020-07-27

  • Release 5.11.1 was released through production for new devices and not made available directly to users, but has no user-visible changes aside from devices reporting themselves as “Pavlok-2-xxxx” instead of just “Pavlok-xxxx”.

  • Considered the baseline release for Pavlok 2 devices. All users on previous releases are strongly encouraged update to this version. No developer support will be available for troubleshooting problems involving previous versions unless there are problems upgrading to this or a later version.

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