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Skip Next Alarm - Feature Request
Skip Next Alarm - Feature Request
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I wish it was easier to cancel the backup alarms I set when I'm up . Sometimes they keep running and drain the battery without me knowing
I set one or two but if I take it off right away then I forgot. Also I may forgot to turn them back on for the next day

Mon. Sep. 11 2023 18:45 EST

need ability to skip an alarm. if I wake up naturally, 10 minutes before my alarm I have to turn it off.... then remember to turn it back on after the alarm time...


Nov 11 2022

If this wasn’t already planned for the updated app, would it be possible to include a “skip next alarm” functionality for recurring alarms? Sometimes I just want to skip the next day’s alarm but don’t necessarily want to risk forgetting to turn that recurring alarm back on, so it’d be nice to specifically skip just one alarm in a series.

An example would be if I were to wake up before my alarm goes off. If I decide to stay up from that point on, I no longer need the alarm to wake me up at the set time.
Usually, I would switch the alarm to inactive. The problem is that there is a chance I would forget to switch the alarm back to active for the following day.

Having a \"skip alarm\" function would allow me to make the alarm inactive for a particular day, but still have it automatically active for the following day and so on.

I hope that makes sense!
I appreciate you reaching out and considering my input. You all make waking up on time, a problem of the past for me personally. I have a strong belief in the product & what you all do. So thank you!

I know exactly what you mean you want a way to quickly turn off the remaining Alarms because you are sure you are now awake and don't need the backups and it takes a while to turn all of them off with the sliders.

-Deon Don

Mon. Sep. 11 2023 18:46 EST

Awaiting Flutter Rebuild of Pavlok 3 app. Estimated Minimum Viable App around March 2023
Awaiting Version 5 API Release. Estimated around December 2022


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