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Detect Fall Asleep - Feature Request
Detect Fall Asleep - Feature Request
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Hi, hey something else, that would be really useful to me. I don't know if it's already possible: sometimes I just work long hours and fall asleep say like right now on the weekend, but I needed to do something else, could the pavlok somehow detect that you fell asleep and send you a zap? I also have the Oura ring and it detects when you fall asleep so maybe this could be leveraged for the Pavlok.... thanks !

Thanks! : ) after sending my message , I saw Reddit is full of people who made this comment... so I'm sure you are aware people have asked for this before, but I appreciate you taking the time to reply


I would like a "stay awake mode" where it keeps me awake by using the sleep tracker to zap me anytime I fall asleep.


In Progress - Coming to Pavlok 4.

Awaiting Flutter Rebuild of Pavlok 3 app. Estimated Minimum Viable App around December 2022
Awaiting Version 5 API Release. Estimated around December 2022
Awaiting P4 Launch in late 2023.


If you want to increase the Priority of this feature submit a similar feature request in the App.


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