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Who hasn't felt this way about their Pavlok atleast once?
Who hasn't felt this way about their Pavlok atleast once?
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Yes it's a love - hate relationship we all have with our Pavlok devices.

It works! It really works and there is nothing else like it out there.

"But if only it did this one thing..."
"if it was more reliable, if they fixed this other thing..."

Frustrating isn't it?

Well that Sense of Frustration directed towards not being able to change his habits is what fuelled Maneesh Sethi to make the Pavlok device in the first place.

Frustration tells me that you see a better way things could be. The World in your head works better than reality.

Now you have two choices about what you can do with all that energy.

You can complain and whine (whinge for you UK users) and play the victim...

Or you can try to help by doing something that solves your own frustration because many other people may have the same frustration.

How do you help? Well you can be a help to others in the Community that are struggling with the things you find easy.

Maybe fitness is no problem for you but you have a problem with nail-biting?

Share the story of how you got fit and what's the one thing you now know that would have saved you a tonne of time to get fit. (without selling anything)

I'm not speaking to any user who's Pavlok stopped working within the first year. If it has we'll replace them but pls speak to our Support Team in a kind way at

Of course we'll still help you if you are rude to us but we won't invite you to all the behind the Scenes Stuff and we'll keep you away from the Pavlok Community.

So Be Kind and we'll rewind (fix) your Technical Support Issues.


This is an Article Stub by Pavlok Help Article Writer and Producer Deon Don.

If you want me to write more about this topic please *text* me anytime with helpful Suggestions at (731) 472-8565.

It goes to a shared Pavlok Chat room that both Coach Jam Man and I check often.

If you are not in the US or Canada you can submit a "Feature Request" in the Pavlok App at the very bottom of the side bar, under your Profile Picture.

I read every single message.

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