Strap Lock / Clasp Lock
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As of this writing the Strap Lock is included free with the purchase of every new Shock Clock 3.

We have yet to make Strap Lock available for purchase separately.

If you'd like to purchase a Strap Lock separately text Pavlok at (731) 472-8565 and ask for Deon and I'll try to hook you up with one. I'll have to ask Maneesh what he'll sell it for.

What is this little piece of plastic I got with my Pavlok 3 ?

It's called the Strap Lock.

Below is a Video on how to use Strap Lock.

Below are some Methods our Users figured out themselves.

The Zip Tie Method

  1. Buy a bunch of Zip Ties.

  2. Zip tie as shown before sleeping.

  3. Keep a Nail Clipper next to your Bed to cut it off when you wake up.

The Padlock Method

  1. Buy Tiny Padlock

  2. Drill a hole in your Mesh Band.

  3. Insert Tiny Padlock

  4. Keep Key in another room.

  5. Do not do this unless you want to void all Pavlok Warranties.


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