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Friend Zap Me though Phone?
Friend Zap Me though Phone?
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How do you get the friend link where someone else can shock you remotely?
I know I've seen it in the past but I'm not finding it now. Thanks!

- JW

How to get a friend or myself to Zap from my Phone?

- DD

How to Share the Remote to your friend or someone else?

- PU

Click on your Profile picture > Settings and More > Device > Pavlok Unlocked

Your phone will need to be unlocked and the Pavlok App will need to be in the foreground to work.

A feature request on this matter is being tracked here:

Watch then Video Below:
Pavlok unlocked remote

There is a way to access something similar from the Desktop but it's being rebuilt so many not work. I highly recommend using the Pavlok App instead.


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