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Shared Remotes - Feature Request
Shared Remotes - Feature Request
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One thought that I had is the current implementation of \"shared remotes\" seems potentially ripe for abuse as it only requires typing a name to add someone. For example I just picked two random names and was able to add these people. To be fair I don't know if they're prompted that I did so, but an unexpected shock at 100% could be very jarring while doing something requiring fine motor skills, or even driving. Just a thought. :)

Thank you for reaching out. This remote feature will only work if the person shares their link with you, and not just by adding names.

So despite the fact I can select input options to send, are those just ignored? Like I can select a snap for each of them...does it just ignore? It shows their photo as well and looks like they're added.

Quick Fix:
In the app it should be either clearly stated that the name of your remote should be random and not your name.


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