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Improve Timer App for iOS - Feature Request
Improve Timer App for iOS - Feature Request
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To use Timer App for Work Pomodoros


"I would love to see better sub menus and maybe a way to change what is on the main page. Also having the ability to have two timers if possible."

⁃ I use the timer a lot, but it involves a few clicks to reach the app.
⁃ I would love to be able to set 2 different timers (i.e- 30 & 60 min) and have different buttons programmed to start each
⁃ Very challenging to tell when my timer ends (does it auto beep?)
⁃ I have tried setting a beep / vibrate 1/2 way thru & at end. Tough to tell which is which. Almost easier to use my phone timer.
⁃ The ability to add a ‘double/triple beep’ back to back so I know it is 1/2 way thru or finished would be super nice (can only add notifications every minute)

"However one issue I have is the timer app. It's confusing to understand how to use it and also it doesn't work like a normal timer. I wish the timer interface was like Apple's."

The Stopwatch & Timer apps still don't have any way to REMOVE an interval, only to add more. The main Options in the top right corner for "configure device buttons" don't include info about those apps, can override the buttons settings.



To use Timer App for Work Pomodoros


Timer Widget


Awaiting Flutter Rebuild of Pavlok 3 app. Estimated Minimum Viable App around December 2022
Awaiting Version 5 API Release. Estimated around December 2022

Very Low

If you want to increase the Priority of this feature submit a similar feature request in the App.


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