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What is Pavlok Back Stage Pass?
What is Pavlok Back Stage Pass?
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What is Pavlok Back Stage Pass?

Pavlok Back Stage Pass is a Special Group of our most caring Fans. We get a lot of haters of our product so it's nice to have a Core Group of People that are on our side as we try to do this impossible but very important task of getting this tech to all the people for whom it can be as life changing as it is to us.

Back Stage Pass Members are limited to 100 only. Other people have to drop out before you can join. There is no way to apply to join and and all asks to join will be denied. You can only join BackStage Pass if you are invited to join.

Only helpful supportive kind and excited contributors to the Community are asked to join.

Where does the community live? Find out here:


This is an Article Stub by Pavlok Help Article Writer and Producer Deon Don.

If you want me to write more about this topic please *text* me anytime with helpful Suggestions at (731) 472-8565.

It goes to a shared Pavlok Chat room that both Coach Jam Man and I check often.

If you are not in the US or Canada you can submit a "Feature Request" in the Pavlok App at the very bottom of the side bar, under your Profile Picture.

I read every single message and I organize it into a wiki which we add to our Challengers for the Feature vs. Feature Elections.

What are Feature vs. Feature Elections?

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