How to Make Butter Coffee?
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The real simple way is to put 1 oz (28 gms) of butter into your cup of coffee.
Then Blend it in a High Speed Mixer.

If you wanna get fancy you can add MCT Oil. MCT oil is short for Medium-Chain-Triglycerides. Which is basically concentrated Coconut oil.

I drink Butter Coffee on Weekdays and take a break on Sat and Sun so that the all the pent up Adenosine can get used up.

What is Adenosine?
Adenosine is the neurotransmitter that the Caffeine in your Coffee blocks from doing what it needs to do.

What does Adenosine need to do?
Adenosine's job is to make you tired.

Getting a better picture of how it all fits now?

But why butter?

For that we have to discuss something called The Keto Theory. The Keto Theory basically states that a diet very high in Fat supplemented with Protein is the ideal diet for optimal health.

It's seems to fit well with a separate Theory developed by Dr. Jason Fung a nephrologist out of Toronto, Canada. His Theory simply stated is that Insulin is the Key to a Fat Cells "Room". If there is no Key the door stays closed and fat has a lot more trouble entering the Cell. Insulin is created by our pancreas to absorb the floating sugar (glucose) in our blood. If there is no sugar detected the insulin is not released.

By Adding Butter and removing all sugars from your diet your fat cells have a much harder time turning food into your internal fat stores.


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