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Where to enter Discount Code?
Where to enter Discount Code?
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"How to apply Discount Code?"

"Where to enter Discount Code?"

The place to use it is right after checkout at the same time you put in your shipping address.

We know that a lot of sites claim to have Pavlok coupon codes and discounts, but we think its better if you get your savings straight from us. Use this coupon and get 10% off your Pavlok instantly. Then you can start breaking bad habits and stop wasting time on untrusted sites.

Your Pavlok Discount Code: BONUS10


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How To Use Your Pavlok Coupon Code

Step 1: Select Your Model


Step 2: Click “Add To Cart”


Step 3: Click “Check Out”


Step 4: Click “Check Out”… again


Step 5: Enter Your Coupon Code In The Big Red Circle & Press The Green Button To Complete Your Order



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