Pavlok Integrations

Pavlok Productivity: Chrome Extension

You can now integrate your Pavlok with Chrome Extension to help with productivity throughout the day!

Add Pavlok Productivity to Chrome by clicking here!

Once logged in, you can add websites to your blacklist, use todoist, set the max number of tabs you are allowed to open, use RescueTime, Autozapper or just access your Pavlok remote.

Add sites to your blacklist and set time limits you want to stick to for the day!

Note: Do not add "www" or "http://" before your sites! Only use "" directly!

Setting a maximum number of tabs can help keep you focused and productive!


Do you use Todoist to keep you productive? Use your Pavlok to help you with that!


Do you need feedback throughout the day to stay productive? Use RescueTime to see how productive you are and set which sites are distracting or productive!

Visit to see your dashboard!

IFTTT (If This Then That)

Go to to integrate your Pavlok with other apps/devices

Choose a recipe that you want to use!

Apr 15, 2021

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