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Delete Alarms while not connected to the Pavlok - Feature Request
Delete Alarms while not connected to the Pavlok - Feature Request
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I have a pavlok 2 that has been damaged by water and isn’t working correctly anymore, the existing alarms can’t be deleted, now there are double alarms in the list one for the old broken pavlok and one for my current pavlok 3. Please add a way to delete alarms while not connected to the pavlok.


2022-11-16 10:54:33 +0000

User: J

iOS: 16.1

Device : iPhone14,6

App Version: 1.2.4

Build: 141

Bundle: com.pavlok3.core

Locale: en_GB

Calendar: gregorian


Model: Pavlok-S

Hardware: 5.0.0

Firmware: 6.6.5

Software: +0

"I changed my Pavlok device. Now I cannot delete my old alarms in the app which were used with previous device. Nor can I turn them off. It raises an error \"device not found\". But I don't have my old device anymore."

"I have recently purchaced a upgraded pavlock device and have noticed a bug that may indicate more problems in the future. When I was changing which device was paired with my account/app, I noticed that after someone changes which device was paired, they are unable to delete alarms which were used for the previous device. In order to delete these alarms, one would need to connect back to their old pavlok device. This could be very inconvenient for those who have experienced defects with their original device/ sent it back as they would have to create a new account to get rid of the alarms set for the old device. I would recomend making sure you could delete alarms from the app sepratly or change the device that the alarm is assigned to. I understand that when these alarms are set/deleted, it changes the information stored in the watchs memory and that it may be dificult to change the code, but it would significantly improve user experience. "


User: I

Android: 31 (12)

Device : Samsung SM-G975U

App Version: 1.5.2

Build: 66

Locale: English

TimeZone: EST | Timezone id: America/New_York


Firmware: 6.6.8

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