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Unpairing from the App when I sleep
Unpairing from the App when I sleep
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"I love my Pavlok 3 but it keeps unpairing from the app when I sleep"


Also the device disconnects from my phone several times a day with Bluetooth on. It's a great device, can these be fixed?

- SL
Mon. Sep. 11 2023 18:20 EST


It is normal for the device to become unpaired it does this when your device goes into Sleep mode - this doesn't affect the alarms, as they're stored in memory on the Pavlok device not the phone.

All features such as the alarm, hand-detection and sleep-tracking all work even when the Pavlok isn't paired.

You can also turn off the alarm by holding button 2 for 2.5 seconds


"Oh so maybe my phone is going into sleep mode then"

"Ok the watch and app has been working great I realized after talking to you that my phone had the app optimized so it was putting the connection to the watch to sleep I changed setting and it is working flawlessly"


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