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To have a place where the user can see all the activity they have done with their Pavlok Device.


Is it possible to see the event log for my device? I'm not entirely sure what's going on, but the prior version it was occasionally not buzzing the alarm. I suspect it was possibly related to my starting sleep tracking, then swapping apps to watch a video or read kindle, and falling asleep before going back to pavlok. However, without being able to see a log i was never quite awake enough to be sure why it didn't go off.


"is it possible to enable / view logs? I'm having an issue I think with the light sleep option where it doesn't seem to trigger, but when my back up alarm wakes me up on my phone it looks like the alarm has been dismissed. I'm not sure what's going on hence wanting to see the log of what happened. "

- L

"I really liked the journal that this app used to have where it would record the zaps and let you record when you did a bad behavior, and it also let you record notes. I don't understand why you got rid of it."


"I would like a button mapped to a habit I want to break, such as vaping. I would like to shock myself on every puff and be able to see the times of the day I zapped myself and compare days and weeks. Being able to export to a .css file would also be great."

- Defy

To measure whether stimulus use is increasing or decreasing.

Journal Screen should be easily Accessible


Awaiting Flutter Rebuild of Pavlok 3 app.
Awaiting Version 5 API Release.


If you want to increase the Priority of this feature submit a similar feature request in the App.


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