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App Ver 2.0+ Timer


Hello there, I researched a lot of different I companies and then your own between your own products and I went with the Pavlok 3 deluxe because it seemed the only way to get one that did what I wanted. Something I can wear all day (so on my Apple Watch)

That I can have set to “alert” (zap) me every hour during the day.


You would set the Stopwatch (Count up to Infinity Timer) to Zap every 60 mins.

What’s the difference between the Timer and Stopwatch?

The timer and stop watch have similar functionality. They differ when it will end the time. Timer end automatically after the set time is reached, while stopwatch will end after you stop it manually.

App Ver 1.0+ Timer

A Timer that can be started and stopped through your Pavlok device. It also allows you to set the device to beep/vibrate/zap on exact time periods.

04 -Timers Demo

To remove in interval Swipe Left on the Interval


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