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If the problem is...

Your Smartphone:

1. Forget/Delete any exisiting Pavlok Bluetooth Connection in your Bluetooth Menu under iOS / Android Settings.

2. Delete / forget the current WiFi network in your mobile operating system settings screen and reconnect.

3. Restart your phone. ("Have you tried turning it off and then on again?" really works)

Note: Pairing works best on iPhones because they have high-quality and standardized Bluetooth radios. Pairing is inconsistent on Android phones because there are so many different brands. Pavlok supports all Android phones except Samsung Galaxy A10 phones and A-series tablets (because they don't have adequate Bluetooth low energy support) and Samsung J7 and J-3 2018 versions.


If the problem is...

Your Pavlok App:
ReStart App:

1. Force-close the Pavlok app, then reopen it and try to reconnect.
ReInstall App:
1. Uninstall/Delete the Pavlok app and Reinstall it. (This fixes 90% of support issues)
Up to Date Firmware Version:

1. Tap the Menu Icon at the bottom right of your App.

2. Tap Device Status. (Device Settings)
3. Tap Device Info.

4. Check that firmware is 6.8.0 or higher (if not Tap "Check Updates" and follow instructions)

Up to Date App Version:
1. Tap the Menu Icon at the bottom right of your App.
2. Tap on Help

3. Scroll to the bottom
4. Check that your app version is 1.8.0 or higher for iOS and 1.5.0 for Android.
4.1 For Beta App Users check that your app version is 2.0.0+401 or higher for iOS and Android.


Your Pavlok Device:

1. Plug in device and while charging hold middle button for 15 seconds or until long vibration happens. (This performs a Factory Reset)
2. Full charge the Pavlok for 60-90 minutes until a steady green light shows up on the device.


What else?

If none of these steps work, try borrowing another type of smartphone from someone you know and start from the top of the list.

If all else fails, go to and click on live chat. Make sure to enter your email and phone number so that we can respond to you.


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