Generation 3 Pavlok Devices have a set of lights (LEDs) above the buttons. The lights are used to report many different conditions and events, only the most important of which are listed here. A few other LED indicators can be found in other sections of the Quick Start Guide.

Low battery: Red LED light periodically flashing three times in succession means the battery level is low and that you should recharge soon.

Clock not set: Two quick double flashes of the red LED light followed by a long red flash indicates that the clock is not set - reconnect with the app to restore the clock and alarms.

iOS pairing problem: Under rare circumstances, Bluetooth pairing with iOS can stop working. If the device starts repeating a pattern of 2 all-yellow flashes followed by 3 red flashes then you will need to go to the Bluetooth menu in the iOS Settings, tap on the i icon next to your device, and select “Forget Device” in order to be able to pair again normally.

Snap: Red LED light indicates snap is charging; yellow lights will animate during the actual snap; green light will flash if the charge was successfully delivered (if you don’t see it the bottom of the Shock Clock might not have good contact with your skin - try adjusting the position or tightening the wrist band).

Other stimulus: Most vibrations or chimes will include an LED animation.

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