A. Pavlok 3 vs Shock Clock 3 (Gen 3)?

The Shock Clock 3 will be the same base device as the Pavlok 3.

Physically it will likely be available in a different color and will contain some new features that are focused on sleep habits.

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Pavlok 3 is more habits / focus / productivity oriented, whereas Shock Clock 3 comes with an app (will be rolled out soon) that has all these advanced features for waking up.

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B. Pavlok 3 vs Shock Clock (Gen 2)?

The main differences between Pavlok Gen 3 Devices and Pavlok Gen 2 Devices are:

1. We added water resistance up to IP 67, which was the biggest culprit for the devices failing in the past.

2. Pavlok 3 can be combined with an Apple/smart/analog watch in addition to its being worn as a standalone device.

3. Pavlok 3 now has three programmable buttons.

C. Pavlok 3 vs Pavlok 2?

So why would you buy a Pavlok 2?

Pavlok 2 is an amazing device that's helped thousands of people break bad habits, create new ones and improve their life in many different ways.

It's cheaper than Pavlok 3 and works fine as long as you keep it dry.

The Pavlok 3 builds on this and is improved in many different ways.

A few highlights include:
Water Resistance,
3 Programmable Buttons,
a Watch Clip (Sold Separately) to allow you to add it to your watch/smartwatch.

Overall we have improved Bluetooth (BLE) pairing so issues are now exceedingly rare, or non-existent on iOS (iphone) and Android.

Pavlok supports all Samsung phones except:

  • Samsung Galaxy A10 phones and A-Series Tablets. (because they don’t have adequate Bluetooth low energy support)

  • Samsung J7 and J-3 2018 Version.

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